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Create your own Facebook ads and start generating $$$ today

In this series, we uncover the secrets that agencies use to build brands and multiply sales using Facebook and other social channels.

In Part 6 we look at how to Create your own Facebook ads and start generating $$$ today.

Your success hinges on your offer

The success you achieve with Facebook advertising is greatly dependent on whether you have the right offers that create a desire to buy within your chosen audience.

People aren’t looking for just anything; they want offers that solve a problem in their life. If you can create offers that show how your product or service will solve some problem, you have gone most of the way towards closing the deal.

You have to deeply understand your customers

Few understand who their audience is and why they choose to patronise their businesses. This is very important information! If you don’t know, then you won’t be able to target your paid advertising to the right audience.

Promise big things and add a unique hook to grab attention

The Internet is crowded, so you need more than just a big promise to draw attention. With thousands of marketing messages targeted to consumers daily, people tend to phase out hyped up promises as just more spam. They’re just not believable anymore. To get your Facebook ads noticed, you also have to make them believe your big promise. You can do that by offering them something they haven’t seen before - a unique hook. This will help to get past those jaded consumers who think they’ve seen it all. It is one of the best ways to stand out on the Internet amongst many other vendors offering the same old thing.

Be Consistent

You’ll kill the momentum if your Facebook ad offers one message and the rest of your offers in the sales funnel are different. Even something as simple as having one headline on an ad, a different one on the landing page, and still another on the sales page can be confusing to potential customers.

They want to see results. It’s that simple

Convert skeptics into buyers, just by offering them proof that your product or service can deliver results. Don’t even bother to try to fudge the results either. Anyone can look you up on Google and see reviews from past customers. They’re not looking for hype; they’re looking for data.

Always make sure you can prove that your product gets results. Several ways to do that convincingly are through case studies, testimonials, or third party reviews. If all you have to offer is a valid logical argument that can also work too.

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