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Our Results


Café & Bar offering private bar hire and party venue

wedding venue.jpg

Return on ad-spend (ROAS) peaked at 106X in the third month of the campaign.

97 leads generated in first 3 months of campaign.

$280,000 of booked events for $5000 in ad-spend at an average of 56X ROAS.

SEO ranking in Google searches for ten keywords within three months.


Two keywords ranking on page one within 90 days.

Over 100% increase in Facebook post and page engagement.


E-commerce business offering digital products


Achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of 11.9% on Google Ads campaign (average is 3.1%). Almost 4x the average.


Business revenue doubled within 4 months of campaign start.

Return on ad-spend (ROAS) peaked at 31x.


Average over campaign period of 8X ROAS during the campaign period.

685% increase in business revenue year-on-year.


Leading national linen & manchester supplier


Unique web visitors up 63% in the first 60 days.


Visitors to the site increased by 115% compared to the previous period over the 6-month campaign period.

Increased the engagement rate from 0.1% up to 17%.
An increase of 170X during the campaign period.

Our Spring Catalogue campaign resulted in over 3000 people visiting the website to download the new catalogue at just 14-cents per landing page view.

Tourist attraction & online store

50% increase in sales in the first 90 days.


Visitors to the site increased by 240% compared to the previous period in the first 3-months of the campaign.

Initial campaign had an engagement on reach rate of 102%.
Ie. some users were engaging more than once!

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of over 5x for campaign period. $5 made for every $1 spent.

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