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How To Schedule A Facebook Post To Auto-Publish Later

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Creating a content calendar for your Facebook page is a great way to post consistently to your feed, but sometimes it's hard to find the time to jump on and post every single day. Lining up your posts ahead of time is a good way to bank some content so you can do other things while you know your feed is still generating content.

You can schedule your posts either in Facebook, or through a heap of different third-party services. 

Here's how to schedule a post on your Facebook page, on desktop, and then mobile.


1. Start writing your post as you normally would, but before you publish, click the little dropdown menu on the "Share Now" button.

2. In this drop down, you will get a "Schedule" option that looks like this:

3. After clicking on "Schedule", a calendar pops up where we will choose when this post gets published. Pick "custom" and select your date and time... Keep in mind this time will be local to you, so if your primary audience is elsewhere, you need to make adjustments.

4. Once you hit "Schedule", you will be taken back to the create post screen with one subtle difference... The button below your post in the 'News Feed' section will now read "Later". Like this:

5. Schedule it, and you will be taken back to your Facebook page, and will see that there is now a little alert notifying you that you have one (or more when you create them) scheduled posts.

That's it! You can click in there to see your scheduled posts and edit them if required, otherwise just let Facebook do it's thing and your posts will go up as if you were posting yourself!


Mobile is basically the same, albeit a few more screens to navigate. Here's how you do it.

Make sure you are using the Facebook Page App, rather than just posting from your personal FB. Download here if you don't have already. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.pages.app&hl=en_AU Apple: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/facebook-pages-manager/id514643583

1. On your business page, select "Publish" as if you are just going to do a normal post.

2. Start writing your post, add photos, videos and links if required. Then hit continue.

3. You will now come to the screen below. Notice how on the "When will this be published" button it also says "Publish Now". This is what we want to change so tap this button.

4. This opens the calendar selection. Add your date and time here for publishing.

5. Now when you get taken back to the previous page, you will notice that "Publish now" has changed to "Scheduled for later". Tap "Schedule".

6. You will get a pop up alert that all is well, and you are done!

If you want to edit, reschedule or delete any scheduled posts, the little suitcase at the bottom right is the "more" button which will take you here where you can go to your scheduled posts and edit from there.

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