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Quick Tip: Find HTML, HEX, or RGB Colour Codes From An Image, Logo or Website.

I'm sure you have at some time or other been in the same boat as me (unless you are a designer of course!). You are whipping up a piece of content, or trying to change something on your website and just need to know the exact colour code of your logo... If you are super organised, you might have your colour codes saved in a document, or scribbled on a post-it note and stuck to your computer screen, but I never have it there, and just need a quick way to grab the code when I need it. A couple of tools that I have found to be useful are the Image Colour Picker website, and the Eye Dropped Chrome extension. Both are free tools and a fast way to grab that colour code you need.

IMAGE COLOUR PICKER Step 1: Head to Image Colour Picker and scroll down to the "Upload Your Image" button. Step 2: Once your image uploads to the site, you can click anywhere on that image to find the colour codes you need! Step 3: Nope, that's it! (Told you it was a quick tip!)

If you need more than the basic things that you can try yourself, check out our Design & Branding services!

Using a colour picker tool to find colour codes on an image


Step 1:

Download and install the Eye Dropper extension from the Chrome Store here:

Step 2:

Head to the website from where you want to find the colour code.

Step 3:

Activate the extension in your browser and use the eye dropper to select the colour from anywhere on the page.

Using the eye dropper chrome extension to find colour codes from a website

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