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Types Of Lead Magnets

You have likely heard this term if you are running a business or have any history with marketing at all... The "lead magnet." Let's not over-complicate this. Basically, we are talking about some type of (irresistible) offer to your prospects, that you give in exchange for some contact details. That's it!

Lead Magnets don’t need to be long, detailed, or complicated. A lot of the time if they are complicated, they won't convert as well as a simpler version. What we are aiming to do, it solve a specific problem with a specific solution for your audience.

Wanna know the key?

If it isn't consumed, it cannot work. Your Lead Magnet must be consumed by the prospect for it to have an impact.

The best lead magnets will offer tremendous value within five minutes of the opt-in.

Let’s look at some Lead Magnet ideas that you can implement, and then you can head over to this article to read about how to create your offer.

1. Report or Guide

Probably the most common type of lead magnet, reports or guides on certain topics are available everywhere once you start looking...

Be careful to keep it specific and easily consumed if you go for this type... It's easy to end up blowing out into a huge document.

2. Cheat Sheet/Handout

Cheat sheets and handouts work quite well as lead magnets. Why? Because the name itself implies that it will be quick and to the point for the prospect.

Try to keep them to one page, and get straight to your point. There are heaps of other names you can use for these to sound a bit different as well. Try "checklist", “blueprint”, or "mind map" to change it up.

3. Toolkit/Resource List

For some business types, a toolkit or resource list can make a great Lead Magnet.

Sometimes these are pushed out as a “starter kit”. Basically you are providing a template, or a list of things your audience needs to know.

4. Video Training

You can use this for almost any business type, and they are especially good for instructional type content... Just don't be stuck on how to create a video if it doesn't make sense for your content. Done right, video can be a great way to deliver on your Lead Magnet.

5. Software Download/Free Trial

Super popular for software and content companies offering apps, music streaming and on-demand tv services. This works as a "try before you buy" lead magnet.

6. Discount/Free Shipping

Super common for retailers - especially online retailers - selling physical products. Free shipping, free returns and straight up discounts are ever-popular for these types of business.

7. Quiz/Survey

You might see these often on social media feeds, an online quiz can be a highly engaging way to generate leads. Participants go through the quiz, but at the end must give an email address to get their results.

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