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Lead Magnet Checklist For Success

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

There are many different types of lead magnet. Some will be suitable for your business or product, some won't.

The one thing they ALL have in common though, is how the best ones work. Read on for the Digital Chimp Lead Magnet Checklist to make sure your campaign is set up for success. And if you need a refresher on all the types of lead magnets to choose from, you can read about that here!

One Big Idea

Don't get caught up in trying to show that you can do all of these different things to help a prospect. Pick one - the main one - and focus on that. It's easier (and better) to deliver on one big promise rather than a heap of little things. For example, "Download the free guide to Melbourne's best restaurants" is better than "Everything you need to know about travelling around Australia".

Be Uber-Specific

A lead magnet should NEVER be vague. Make sure you are targeting a specific audience, and offering a specific solution to their problem. As in point one, "Eating in Melbourne" vs "Doing everything in Australia"

Gratification NOW

What does your audience want? A solution. And when do they want it? Now!

The sooner you can deliver the value from your lead magnet the better, so deliver it quickly. Try to avoid using things that take time to get through - like a multi-day course for example.

Rapid Consumption

Most of the things on this checklist boil down to one key idea: Specificity matters.

Don't your lead magnet be a roadblock, it should be the exact opposite, which means it needs to be able to be consumed quickly. As in 'five-minutes-quickly.'

Address What Your Audience Wants

You need to speak to a known desired end result. As in, what you know your audience really wants. If you don't know this yet, that is step one.

When you truly know your audience, and offer something that promises to deliver what they want, your inbox will be full of their contact details.

High Value

Offer high perceived value, and back it up with delivering high actual value. Yes you are offering something for free, but are trying to show what you can really deliver down the track with the quality of your work, so make the lead magnet look pro!

You can't just talk the talk, you need to walk the walk as well. Once you get the prospects’ contact information, you have to deliver or you will lose their attention.

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