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Instagram Is Testing Double-Decker Stories!

Instagram regularly tests new features on the platform - as do all of the social platforms - and there is a new one surfacing this week which points to the massive growth in Instagram Stories of late.

As usual, there is not much information on who is getting access to the new-look interface, but when asked about it, Instagram did confirm that it is currently a live test.

"We’re always testing ways to improve your Instagram experience."

With more and more people using Stories on both Facebook and Instagram, it is probably inevitable that the main focus of the app will one day switch from the current 'feed' to a Stories feed as your home/landing page. We keep hearing that Stories are set to pass the regular feed as the main use of social media channels anyway, so it seems logical that they also become the main focus of the app itself. As you can see here, although the number of posts to feeds is still growing, Stories posts are fast approaching from behind.

Double-Decker Stories might just be the start - if these are big, Instagram will take it as a sign that the more Stories the better.

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